Saadat: PA protecting Israeli security

[ 29/01/2011 – 10:32 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Ahmed Saadat, the secretary-general of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP), lashed out at the Palestinian Authority’s security cooperation with Israel.

He stated in a letter leaked from his solitary cell his position about the information reported by Al-Jazeera channel concerning the circumstances of his arrest in January 2002.

In a letter published by Maan news agency on Friday, Saadat held the PA responsible for his kidnapping from its prison in Jericho in March 2006 by Israel after it had signed an agreement with the latter.

He said that the detention of many Palestinian leaders like him in PA or Israeli jails is a reflection of the security cooperation policy pursued by the PA and its role in protecting Israel’s security.

Saadat: PA protecting Israeli security.

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