Coalition of factions in Lebanon slam PA for waiving people’s rights

[ 30/01/2011 – 04:59 PM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– The coalition of Palestinian factions in Lebanon condemned the Fatah-controlled Palestinian authority (PA) and its liberation organization for making serious concessions to the Israeli side, stressing it proved it was untrustworthy and unqualified to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people.

In a press release, the coalition stated that Al-Jazeera leaked papers exposed the dangerous antinational attitude of the PA leadership and its insistence on negotiating the Israeli occupation.

The factions reiterated their adherence to the national rights and constants, especially the right of resistance until the liberation of the whole Palestinian land.

They also highlighted that the Palestinian people did not delegate anyone to waive or compromise their national rights, especially the right of return.

The collation urged the Palestinian people to urgently move to expose the PA leadership before the whole world and called for forming a united Palestinian authority in Lebanon believing in the resistance option and adherent to the national rights and constants.

Coalition of factions in Lebanon slam PA for waiving people’s rights.

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