Egyptian uprising not a threat to Gaza fuel supply

[ 30/01/2011 – 10:09 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Tunnels used to get goods into the Gaza Strip from Egypt are still operating, informed sources say. And an interruption in the flow of goods is not a concern, they add.

The Israeli economic blockade has forced Gazans to rely on the tunnels to import fuels and other commodities.

Rumors had spread that the popular uprising in Egypt had interrupted the flow of fuel pumped from Egypt through tunnels.

Fuel stations in Gaza have been overwhelmed since Saturday.

The Palestinian government is closely following developments in Egypt and their impact on the Palestinian arena amid confidence and great hope in the future, those sources tell the PIC.

“What matters at this stage is ensuring that Gaza lives in stability and peace, that food is available, that the tunnels remain operating, and that there is a quantity of fuel in the Gaza Strip.”

Gaza’s Finance Ministry said fuels and food are available in the Gaza Strip in sufficient quantity, and there is no need to worry.

Egyptian uprising not a threat to Gaza fuel supply.

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