Israel expresses concern as protesters continued

Israel expresses concern as protesters continued

30-01-2011,09:57 | – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades

Al Qassam website – Israel is expressing deep concern as unprecedented protests demanding the removal of longtime Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak go on their fifth day.

Egypt, the most influential nation in the Mideast, shares significant strategic and economic ties with Israel. It was the first Arab state to sign a peace agreement with the Hebrew state.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has been escalating consultations with its embassy in Cairo for the latest developments.

Concerns over any “substantial” changes in the Egyptian regime have prompted the Prime Minister’s office and war ministry to closely monitor developments there, Israeli news outlets say.

The Foreign Ministry is discussing round the clock estimation of the current situation. Official comments have not yet been issued because of instructions by Prime Minister Netanyahu hampering media statements regarding the situation.

The ministry advised nationals to refrain from stepping foot in Egypt for non-urgent matters and Israelis there to avoid hot spots and protests.

Israel expresses concern as protesters continued – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades.

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