Protests endanger Palestinians held by Egypt

[ 29/01/2011 – 03:55 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– As tensions rise high across Egypt, relatives of Palestinians held in Egyptian jails are expressing increasing concern.

The Abu Za’bel correctional facility, where a number of Palestinian political prisoners are being detained, has become a focus of danger.

Fire has erupted in warehouses neighboring the Cairo prison, said Emad al-Sayyid, the spokesman of the society of families of prisoners in Egyptian jails.

The Egyptian army and prison guards have also clashed with prisoners, killing eight and injuring several others, he told Quds Press.

Sayyid, who is brother to one of the prisoners there, has called on protesters and the army to free Palestinians detained by Egypt for political reasons.

Egypt holds about 25 of them. Courts have ruled for the release of some, but prisons have yet to implement.

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Protests endanger Palestinians held by Egypt.

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