Analysts: Developing events in Egypt affect the Palestinian cause

[ 30/01/2011 – 10:30 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Political analysts agreed that any developments on the events in Egypt would directly affect the course of the Palestinian cause, expressing hope that everything would end up positively for the Palestinians and Egyptians.

Analyst Waleed Al-Mudallal said in a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the Egyptian situation is linked to the Palestinian situation and greatly influence each other.

“There is no doubt that Egypt moves in parallel with the Palestinian struggle movement and the reconciliation and will leave a big and direct impact on the nature of relationship, so the relations with Palestine is quite sensitive to those who rule Egypt as it represents a lever for the Palestinian cause,” Mudallal said.

He expressed hope that Egypt would resume taking its role in supporting the Palestinian cause, and be an asset to and not a burden on the national movement in Palestine.

For his part, analyst and journalist Wisam Afifa opined that the repercussions of events in Egypt would be on the entire region and overturn balances and alliances upside down.

Afifa stressed that the Palestinian cause is always a core issue and any changes and new moves in the region will directly affect it.

In the same context, head of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt Mohamed Badi’a stated that what is happening in Egypt is a peaceful popular uprising rejecting injustice and demanding freedom and comprehensive reform.

“The Muslim brotherhood is part and parcel of the noble Egyptian people, and it sincerely salutes and appreciates the free young men and people of Egypt all over the country for their blessed peaceful uprising, and their national role and honorable performance in protecting the public and private institutions and property,” Badi’a said in a press release on Saturday.

Head of the international union for Muslim scholars Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi, for his part, slammed Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak for his irresponsible speech on Friday and called on him to leave Egypt on foot.

“There is no solution to this problem other than the departure of Mubarak who must leave the Egyptian people freedom of choice,” Sheikh Qaradawi told Al-Jazeera channel on Saturday.

Analysts: Developing events in Egypt affect the Palestinian cause.

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