New Settlement in Jerusalem

PNN – Palestine News Network -31.01.11 – 23:26

Jerusalem – PNN – US and Israeli officials laid the foundation on Monday to a new Israeli settlement in Mount Scopus near Jerusalem’s old city.


Jerusalem’s old city

According to Israeli media sources the new settlement, called Beit Orot, will include 24 housing units and will be located near the Augusta Victoria Hospital in Mount Scopus. Joining Israeli officials today was the 2008 Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

During his speech Huckabee said it’s unimaginable that there is a discussion over where a Jew can or cannot live in Jerusalem.

Meanwhile Daniel Hershkowitz, Israeli Science and Technology Minister, said construction in settlements does not hamper peace.

“Construction in Jerusalem is not an impediment to peace, it brings it closer, the more Israel builds the more peace there will be.” Hershkowitz was quoted by the Israeli online Haarezt on Monday.

The Palestinian Israeli peace talks, revived by the US last September, reached a deadlock after three weeks of starting because Israeli refused to renew the freeze of construction in West Bank settlements and those in Jerusalem.

There are around 500,000 settlers who live in settlements across the West Bank and east Jerusalem. According to international law all Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land are illegal.



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PNN – Palestine News Network – New Settlement in Jerusalem.

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