Palestinian refugees in Jordan reject Abbas’s concessions, call for his ouster

[ 04/02/2011 – 05:28 PM ]


AMMAN, (PIC)– Palestinian refugees in Jordan rejected the concessions made by Abbas and his negotiation teams with regard to their right of return as was lately revealed in documents leaked to Al-Jazeera satellite channel.

PIC asked Palestinian refugees in refugee camps in Jordan what they thought about about the documents leaked to  al-Jazeera.

Kathem Ayyash, an Islamic leader and a former head of the committee of UNRWA schools teachers, said that al-Jazeera has exposed Abbas and his negotiations team and showed that they surrendered to Zionist will.

He stressed that Abbas’s concessions lack legitimacy as Abbas does not represent refugees at home or abroad.

Ayyash commended the Egyptian people’s revolution, adding that Abbas and those around are very sad that the Egyptian regime is falling and added that the fall of the Egyptian regime will also result in the fall of the PA regime.

Meanwhile, Abudullah al-Bazour, a teacher from the Husain refute camp in Amman said that the documents revealed by al-Jazeera proved beyond doubt that the PA was collaborating with the occupation, adding that as a refugee he rejected the idea that Abbas decides on his fait.

Maha al-Khateeb, a student from the Azmi al-Muftee refugee camp in Irbid, called on West Bank residents to revolt against Abbas’s authority saying that those who give up Palestinian rights to Jerusalem and the Aqsa mosque cannot be trusted to safeguard the country and the people.

Hajja Um Ahmad, from the Wihdat refugee camp in Amman said that even if the whole world, not only Abbas, conspired against our right of return we will not give this right and insist on returning to the villages we were uprooted from.

Husam Ibrahim, member general committee of the Husain refugee camp youth club, said that he was not going to talk about Abbas and Fatah which was hijacked by a group hated by all Palestinians, but I find strange the official Arab silence towards this group instead of moving to isolate them.

Palestinian refugees in Jordan reject Abbas’s concessions, call for his ouster.

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