Gaza gov’t helps isolated Egyptian border soldiers with basic supplies

[ 05/02/2011 – 09:21 AM ]


RAFAH, (PIC)– News reports said the Egyptian soldiers stranded on Gaza borders as result of the internal unrest get food and basic supplies from the besieged Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian government’s security forces in Gaza have been providing Egyptian soldiers deployed on the Rafah border area with food supplies for days, according to reports and eyewitnesses.

A Palestinian security officer described this assistance as a religious and moral duty towards Egypt’s security forces.

An Islamic charity also reportedly provided meals to hundreds of Egyptian soldiers at Rafah area. Gaza merchants as well smuggle essential staples into Egypt after stores there run out of stock.

Gaza security forces had been intensively deployed along the Egyptian-Palestinian border area to prevent any breach of the borderline.

In Cairo, more than one million Egyptians flocked into Attahrir square to listen to the weekly Friday Khutba (sermon) and perform prayers.

Preacher Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen urged the protesters to hold their ground until Hosni Mubarak responds to their demands and leaves power.

After Friday Khutba and prayers, the protesters performed prayers for the victims killed during the popular uprising that broke out several days ago. Later the crowds started to chant slogans calling on Mubarak to step down and sing the national anthem and patriotic songs.

Gaza gov’t helps isolated Egyptian border soldiers with basic supplies.

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