Qassam leader Nofal in Gaza after being released from Egyptian jails

[ 06/02/2011 – 01:21 PM ]


GAZ, (PIC)– Top leader of Al-Qassam Brigades Ayman Nofal arrived on Saturday in the Gaza Strip after he was released from Egyptian jails.

An informed source told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that thousands of Palestinians received Nofal upon his arrival at his home in Nuseirat refugee camp and congratulated him on his release from Egyptian prisons.

The source did not clarify if Al-Qassam leader was released by the Egyptian authorities or anti-regime protestors.

The Egyptian security apparatuses kidnapped Nofal on January 27, 2008 when thousands of Gazans knocked down the border wall in Rafah area in order to buy basic needs from Egyptian stores.

He was reportedly exposed to severe torture at the hands of Egyptian interrogators in a bid to extract some information about the whereabouts of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit and the activities of the Palestinian resistance.

Egypt’s popular uprising

Many political analysts believe that the regime of Hosni Mubarak is falling apart and the events in Egypt are gradually moving towards imminent decisiveness in favor of millions of protestors who demand the removal of the whole political system.

The fig leaves covering the body of the ruling family has also started to fall, where Britain’s Guardian newspaper revealed in a report a few days ago that Mubarak and his family have a fortune of about 70 billion dollars according to analysis by experts from the middle east.

Much of this family’s wealth is in British and Swiss banks or tied up in real estate in London, New York, Los Angeles and along expensive tracts of the Red Sea coast.

After 30 years as president and many more as a senior military official, Mubarak has had access to investment deals that have generated hundreds of millions of pounds in profits. Most of those gains have been taken offshore and deposited in secret bank accounts or invested in upmarket homes and hotels, the newspaper said.

In Cairo, thousands of Egyptians has started since yesterday to flock into Attahrir square to participate in a mega rally in the context of a new week of protests to be held Sunday in support of the steadfastness of the young protesters there.

Christian leaders in Egypt also announced they would perform Sunday prayers in the square and would participate in the gathering calling for the removal of Mubarak.

Protesters were seen hanging banners with pictures of the victims who were killed in the events that broke out on January 25.

Qassam leader Nofal in Gaza after being released from Egyptian jails.

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