Haneyya: Gaza will not detract from Jordan’s sovereignty

[ 07/02/2011 – 04:51 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haneyya, receiving a medical delegation from Jordan on Monday, expressed strong refusal of an Israeli proposal that would have Palestinian refugees resettle in Jordan as an alternative homeland.

”We cannot engage in any Israeli project that detracts from Jordan’s sovereignty,” Haneyya said.

”The Palestinians are honored guests in Jordan until they return to their land.”

A delegation from the Hashemite Jordanian Medical Services met with Haneyya at the Council of Ministers amid a steady depletion of necessary medicines and medical equipment that has inflicted a medical crisis on the Gaza Strip.

”Palestine and Jordan have a shared history and a track record of giving and mutual sacrifice,” the Palestinian premier said. ”And Jordan has embraced some of the Palestinians who have resided there in honor and dignity waiting to return to their homeland.”

”The Jordanian hospital was here since the first moment of the aggression on Gaza and has been operating since until this moment, and this was the 12th medical team we’ve received. This reassures that the Palestinians are not alone to face the occupation and the siege,” he said.

Haneyya: Gaza will not detract from Jordan’s sovereignty.

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