Housing Ministry criticizes UNRWA’s ‘weak’ role in Gaza reconstruction

[ 07/02/2011 – 12:25 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Ministry of Public Works and Housing urged the UN Relief Works Agency to shoulder responsibility in rebuilding the war-torn Gaza, criticizing the ”weak, partisan” role it has so far played.

”The UN has played a partisan role in rebuilding Gaza,” the ministry said in a press statement on Sunday. ”It has veered from its humanitarian role and begun to act as one of the Quartet who have besieged Gaza.”

Discussing the effects of the recent Israeli war on Gaza, the statement says 100,000 residential units have yet to be restored, 55,000 of those being completely destroyed.

The minister called UNRWA’s role in restoration works weak. ”There are contracts UNRWA has made with many countries, like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Japan and Libya, which means the agency can launch a reconstruction process. For it, the problem is not money or materials, but it has knowingly stopped rebuilding destroyed homes.”

”Only seven per cent of building materials required for UNRWA projects have been imported from Israel, works that were started only five years ago. They do not reach the market, but to UNRWA directly.”

”Not one bag of cement has reached the buildings destroyed in the war.”

The government in Gaza has begun to implement the first stage of a comprehensive reconstruction project including 1,000 homes.

”The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has facilitated all it could for the agency to help it launch rebuilding works, but it has restricted itself by its inability to bring in building materials, and it refuses to build with materials available in the market.”

Housing Ministry criticizes UNRWA’s ‘weak’ role in Gaza reconstruction.

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