Leading rabbi calls Israelis to prepare to build alleged temple

[ 07/02/2011 – 04:22 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A leading West Bank rabbi said Saturday that the Aqsa Mosque must be taken from Palestinian hold in order to pave the way for the alleged temple.

”We must save the site and return it to Israeli ownership; and if we cannot build the temple on grounds of law it does not absolve us from doing what we actually are able of,” said Dov Lior, rabbi of the Karyat Arba settlement near Al-Khalil. He is also considered the chief rabbi in the occupied West Bank.

Jews claim the Aqsa Mosque and the Dome Rock were built on the ruins of King Solomon’s temple, which they will one day rebuild.

”Although we cannot actually build the temple these days, it is certainly our obligation to ready ourselves for the time when the generation can build it,” he said during his Saturday sermon that was transmitted to several Jewish websites.

Lior urged followers to raid the mosque firstly by visits. He said intense visits would prompt the government to reset its thinking and stop it from ”placing the land in the hands of saboteurs”, referring to the Palestinians.

”King David meant to build the temple, but he was told, ‘you are a man of war, so you are not fit for this’. So he made all preparations and when King Solomon’s era came, he built the temple. It is also important at this time to save the site and at least return it to Israeli ownership,” he said.

Leading rabbi calls Israelis to prepare to build alleged temple.

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