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The ongoing struggles of the few dozen activists of the Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall initiative began in Mas’ha camp 2003 on the route of separation fence. The direct actions of one-sided non-violent activities together with popular grassroots Palestinian activists have become the focus for hundreds of Israelis of a wider political spectrum and/or lower level of involvement. The struggle which we started within the 1967 occupation regions “spilled” over to the original 1948 borders of Israel and to other social class struggles. The AAtW’s activity draws other Israeli political organizations, initiatives and NGOs into the joint struggle. Even the radical Zionist leftists were touched and are now the core of Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah… which is expanding to other parts of occupied East Jerusalem and even into struggles within the 1948 borders like Araqeeb, Jaffa and Lod.

Al Araeeb

Tuesday 1.2.11 14:00 Protesting of Al Araeeb transfer.
The location this time is in front of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) – “land for Jews” agency in West Jerusalem.
The Israeli Occupation Police tries to oppress Palestinian-Jewish Struggle against the ). JNF is planting trees on the land of Al Araeeb village, whose residents were evicted to the street for this purpose.

Beit Ummar

Hi all, The Beit Ummar Committee is aiming for a large demonstration this Saturday. They will commemorate Yousef Ikhlayl who was shot dead by settlers last week.
If you can make it please get in touch with me.

Israel Puterman – Beit Ummar video of Sat. 05-02-11 demo at:


This Friday vs. Last Friday
Israelis: 26 vs. 19
Internationals: Chilean parliamentary delegation vs. the usual solidarity activists
Theme: Support for Palestinian state vs. solidarity with Egyptian democracy
flags: South American vs. Egyptian
Last week: the demonstrators reached the fence but had to retreat because of the “skunk”. Then they went on to the northern part of the fence. At this point the army kidnappers flooded everything with gas and crossed the wall to chase the demonstrators away.
This week: The army crossed the wall before the demo and shot gas while the demonstrators were still on their way. Some demonstrators managed to cross the wall of gas and confronted the soldiers with slogans, signs and umbrellas. The army kept other demonstrators from joining by shooting more gas. When the demonstration was declared over and everyone retreated the apparently Mubarak-supporting soldiers cowardly gassed the retreating demonstrators.
Shabab: Tried to disperse the soldiers with stones vs. tried to disperse the soldiers with potty mouth insults.
weapons: skunk, gas, sound bombs, rubber bullets and live bullets vs. gas and sound bombs
weather: hot vs. drizzly

Bil’in Marches in Solidarity with the People of Egypt
Dozens of Palestinian, International and Israeli activists march under the banner of solidarity with the Egyptian people. The demonstration was attacked quickly with the same American made tear gas which has been used for the past ten days against the protests in Egypt.

Photos by Owda Abo Rahma at:…87244
Haitham Katib’s video at:…AcaA#

Weekly protest in Lod + Tomorrow Wednesday at 10:00 court hearing for the Sha’aban (activists) family
Sha’aban family that has been under arrest since last Sunday (3 were released to house arrest on Thursday) .
Out presence on Thursday was very meaningful for our friends and gave them much strength and hope.
Please come tomorrow to show your solidarity!

This Tuesday on 18:00 the protest at the Abu-Id family tent (near the demolished hoses) in Lod goes on!
18:00 Vigil
19:00 Concert: D., S.,or A. from we7
and Al. From Jerusalem: 054xxxxxxxxx
Transportation from Tel Aviv:
Bus from Arlozerov train station at 17:00, please sign up!

Nabi Salih

Last Sunday, January 23rd, at 2AM, military forces violently arrested a 14 years old at his house in Nabi Salih. The boy was held handcuffed and blindfolded in the cold till morning, and was then taken to an 8 hours police interrogation. His lawyer, waiting outside the police station, was not allowed to meet the minor till only after 4 hours of the interrogation, and his parents were not informed (as a minor, his right, even according to the military law, is to be interrogated in the presence of his parents).

The military court (after outrageous failures of its own) might release him tomorrow, February 1st, to house arrest. One of the conditions for the release is to find two Israeli citizens to sign a bail for him.

Please contact 052-3727602 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              052-3727602      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ASAP if you can come tomorrow to the military court.

Nabi Salih- Night Presence Contact for

Sunday-Monday shift: A.
Monday-Tuesday shift: p
Tuesday-Wednesday shift: A


Nabi Salih Marches with the People of Egypt
Despite pounding rain and aggressive repression tactics employed by the army, the village of Nabi Salih marched Friday in solidarity with the people of Egypt. The demonstration was also in honor of 14 year Nabi Salih resident Islam Tamimi, who was arrested in a night raid in the village almost three weeks ago and remains in jail.

Even before the demonstration was slated to begin, the army had taken positions inside the small village of Nabi Salih, located just west of Ramalla. Soldiers briefly detained three Israeli supporters around 10:30 in the morning inside the village. The activists were taken to the village entrance and told to leave and not return. They were able to enter from a different point and join the demonstration later in the day.
Dozens of Palestinian, international and Israeli activists marched holding posters of 14 year Islam Tamimi, who has been in an Israeli military jail for almost three weeks. The demonstration was also in solidarity with the people of Egypt. Across the West Bank, popular committees held demonstrations in solidarity with Egypt.

The demonstration was attacked with tear gas, the same American made gas used against protesters Egypt and Tunisia, before reaching the main junction of the village. Soldiers then took over the square of the village and forced protesters into the olive grooves surrounding Nabi Salih. Despite the pounding rain, soldiers maintained positions inside the village until five in the evening.
Two international activists were detained for roughly three hours during the demonstration and no injuries other than tear gas inhalation were reported. The village has been suffering serious repression by the Israeli army over the past month. Weekly night raids, the systemic arrest of children and threaten popular committee leaders has become a mainstay of life in Nabi Salih. Despite this, the people still resist the Israeli occupation and march in solidarity with the people of Egypt and Tunisia who are fighting for the spirit of freedom.

Wad Rahal

Yesterday some 30 Israeli and international activists joined the Palestinian demo against the wall and the settlements.
We marched down to the route of the wall and passed with no problems, and then up the hill to the gate of the Efrat that sites on wad Rahal’s land and is planing to take more lands with the help of the wall. We chanted slogans and played drums in front of the gates without any violence of violent threats. within a few minutes an army car came and an officer of the IOF commanded us to leave. We didn’t agree and were tear gassed and sound bombed and one was arrested. the people of the demo then went back to the rout of the wall and went on with the demo, after being gassed again the went to the entrance to the village, some 10 meters away, and would not go away, even as tear gas and sound bombs were still thrown. The demand to let the prisoner go was finally answered and he was let go. the people then marched back up the village chanting slogans and playing drums.

Video-Friday demo in Wad Rahal…44424
A group of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists demonstrated peacefully in the village of Wad Rahal, south of Bethlehem, against plans to erect a wall, and land confiscations and house demolitions which have already begun as a result of these plans.

Despite the protest being completely non-violent, with the demonstrators drumming and shouting slogans, the Israeli army arrived at the scene and immediately attacked the demonstrators with grenades and tear gas.

This is an example of how the Israeli army treats non-violent protests of Palestinians in the West Bank.
Mario Savio’s Photos:…46057

Sheikh Jarrah

” No to Political Oppression
The passing week has been another one of oppression. The settlers who murdered the youth Yousef Ikhlay from Saffa are still roaming free. The village of El-Araqeeb was demolished once again. The Sha’aban family from Dahamash is still under house arrest after it dared protest against the house demolitions in Dahamash and Lod.
Yet, the inspiring pictures from Egypt show us that an alternative does exist. That popular resistance and solidarity can still change reality, tear down oppressive regimes and pave the road to a better world.
This Friday we will meet in Sheikh Jarrah and protest all these injustices. Join us!”

This Friday, February 4th, At the weekly demo in SJ the people reclaimed the garden of SJ, were the demo’s always start. They changed the name of the garden to El-Tahrir Sq in solidarity with the Egyptian people.
Nissim Mossek video: TAHRIR SQUARE AT Sheikh JARRAH

Tomorrow (Monday) there will be a discussion about the expansion of the Jewish settlement in Sheikh Jarrah at the local committee of the Jerusalem Municipality. They are planning to build 10 housing units in the house already owned by Moskovich in Um Haron (part of Sheikh Jarrah), and build 3 housing units next to the public garden where the demonstrations are held.
We will meet at 11:20 in Kikar Safra (the square in front of the municipality) in order to protest and say that the expansion of the settlement in Sheikh Jarrah will not go through quietly!
Please come if you can!
For details: S


Saturday evening, about 200 participated in a solidarity demonstration with the Egyptian in center of Tel Aviv. The initiative was by veterans of the 1970s Israeli Black Panthers. It was joined by mainly non political party activists. About 30 of the local anarchist scene were the largest group in the vigil – the second largest was Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah contingent that came from Jerusalem with the drums circle. Part of the Anarchists Against the Wall activists were fresh from the Beit Umar Saturday joint struggle.
The Anarchist Against the Wall website is at

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Palestine-Israel, The weekly report on the joint struggles the AAtW* activists are involved with – Anarkismo.

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