Islamic parliamentarians call for supporting Jerusalem

[ 08/02/2011 – 09:32 AM ]


ISTANBUL, (PIC)– Participants in the International Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians have recommended reactivating the issue of occupied Jerusalem in face of growing Judaization attempts.

The parliamentarians, who attended the forum in Istanbul, called for defending the issue of the Jerusalem MPs who are threatened with deportation from their native city.

They called for shedding light on the big concessions offered by Abbas’s negotiating team to the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).

Palestinian MP Dr. Ahmed Abu Halabia, who is the rapporteur of the Quds (Jerusalem) committee in the Palestinian legislative council, attended the forum that was held over the past couple of days.

He asked the conferees to seriously work on lifting the siege on Gaza and alleviate its inhabitants’ suffering as a result of that tight blockade.

Abu Halabia pointed to the role of the Fatah-controlled authority in Ramallah in quelling freedoms and targeting resistance in the West Bank in a joint effort with the IOA, adding that the leaked Al-Jazeera papers proved Fatah’s collusion with the IOA on Palestinian constants.

Islamic parliamentarians call for supporting Jerusalem.

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