Palestinian women plan protests after prison administration ignores demands

[ 08/02/2011 – 09:46 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian women held in Israel prisons have begun taking measures to see demands for their basic rights are met, the ministry of prisoner affairs in Gaza said.

According to a recent report, the Israeli prison administration continues to detain 35 Palestinian women in inhumane conditions.

Their demands, though very basic in nature, have so far been ignored by the administration. They include permission to one phone call per month, to bring blankets and clothes into the prison as prices rise for items sold in the facility, medical care and an end to cell raids and strip searches.

”These demands are basic rights of prisoners. They must be granted without protest according to international law. But Israel has ignored all human rights conventions requiring good treatment of captives and full provision of their rights,” said the ministry’s media department director Riyadh al-Ashqar.

Prisoners in Hasharon, 20 of them altogether, are discussing steps to see their demands are answered, including hunger strike, Ashqar said.

They are subjected to strip searches during early morning prison raids, when the administration accompanied by prison guards violently intrude and pull them out of their cells into a confined area and for five hours search and confiscate personal belongings including letters, notebooks and photographs.

Ashqar revealed that the administration had denied entry of medical board that meant to provide urgent health care to the women.

The report details the administrative detention of three women, saying they have yet to be indicted or sentenced.

One of those prisoners Lenan Abu Ghalma, who was arrested in July 2010, was recently given another six months in administrative detention after claims of a secret file against her.

Palestinian women plan protests after prison administration ignores demands.

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