Hamas bloc: Any elections in W. Bank will be unconstitutional

[ 09/02/2011 – 11:18 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas change and reform parliamentary bloc said the decision by Salam Fayyad’s de facto government to hold local elections in the West Bank was illegitimate and unconstitutional and perpetuate the internal division.

In a press release on Tuesday, spokesman for the bloc MP Mushir Al-Masri stated that holding elections can never be without the Gaza Strip and while there is still a split in the Palestinian arena.

Masri stressed that the intention to hold elections without a national consensus is a testament to the Fatah-affiliated Palestinian authority’s bad faith and its unwillingness to recognize the concept of the political partnership.

For his part, former Palestinian minister Wasfi Qabha expressed his dismay at setting a date for local and municipal elections without a national consensus, affirming that any Palestinian faction has no right to take such decision separately.

Qabha added in a press release on Tuesday that declaring the ninth of July as a date for the elections would deepen the rift in the Palestinian society and endanger the civil peace.

The official noted that the talk about free and fair election in light of the mouth-muzzling policy, the restrictions imposed on freedoms, the closure of charities and institutions of other factions, the seizure of elected municipal councils and the mass dismissal of civil servants for their political affiliations and many other violations committed in the West Bank reflect the intents to exploit the principal of election immorally and control all Palestinian institutions there.

He underlined that what is happening on the ground in the Palestinian arena does not provide healthy atmosphere for holding free and fair elections.

Hamas bloc: Any elections in W. Bank will be unconstitutional.

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