Hamas holds Abbas, Fatah responsible for ramifications of its election decision

[ 09/02/2011 – 04:47 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement on Wednesday held de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah faction fully responsible for the serious repercussions of holding unilateral elections in the West Bank on the unity of the Palestinian people and the future of their national cause.

Hamas said this decision would only serve Israel’s wish to deepen the estrangement between Gaza and the West Bank and undermine the Palestinian internal front.

“The attempt to hold these elections without national consensus and under the policy of terror and alienation that is pursued by Abbas-Fayyad illegitimate government against the resistance and its supporters confirms they will be devoid of legitimacy and credibility before they start, and the Palestinian people are not bound by them,” a press release by Hamas read.

For their part, Hamas lawmakers in the West Bank denounced the decision taken by the Palestinian authority to hold local and municipal elections in the presence of the internal division and an atmosphere of suppression in the occupied territories.

They said in a statement that those who took the decision to hold elections in the West Bank have to recognize first the results of the 2006 elections and stop burying their heads in the sand in an attempt to escape the changes taking place in the region.

Hamas holds Abbas, Fatah responsible for ramifications of its election decision.

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