Internet groups launch campaign against Abbas’s regime in W. Bank

[ 10/02/2011 – 10:18 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Many Palestinian bloggers have launched lately online forums and pages, especially through Facebook service, aimed at rallying West Bankers against de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and his repressive authority in Ramallah city.

Any internet surfer can notice the increasing number of online groups who invite people of different ages, especially the young men to join them and react with their calls for protesting against Abbas’s regime.

These pages condemn the suppression of freedoms, political arrests and corruption in the West Bank and call for civil disobedience against the regime there.

Some internet groups such as “Palestine wants to topple Abbas” and “the campaign of overthrowing the Palestinian authority” called recently for boycotting the local elections to be held by Salam Fayyad’s de facto government.

Internet links to such Facebook groups can be found in an “Arabic” report about this issue posted on the multilingual Palestinian information center (PIC) website.

In another context, the five Palestinian detainees from Al-Khalil city who were kidnapped by the Israeli occupation troops following their release from the Palestinian authority jails on January 7, 2011 accused the PA of conspiring against them to punish them for not quitting their hunger strike in its prisons.

In a letter leaked from the Israeli prison of Ofer near Ramallah city, the five detainees held Abbas and his authority fully responsible for their detention by Israel.

They said that Israeli officers told them that their PA interrogators were providing Israel on a regular basis with information about them, adding they heard the same questions they used to be asked in PA interrogation rooms from these Israeli officers.

The five detainees, who had gone on hunger strike for more than three weeks in PA jails in protest at maltreatment, were released early last month after huge pressures from local and international parties, but the PA disposed of these pressures and coordinated with the Israeli side to lock them up in its jails after their release.

In a separate incident, PA security militias kidnapped Wednesday evening Hamas-affiliated member of Nablus municipal council Sheikh Fayyad Al-Agbar after raiding his home in the city.

Sheikh Agbar is one of the most noted reformers in Nablus city and an elected member of the municipal council there. He was detained before this time in PA jails and was exposed to physical abuse.

Internet groups launch campaign against Abbas’s regime in W. Bank.

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