PSP: A Call to Action

Remember the Victims, End the Occupation!

The Palestine Solidarity Project urges activists around the world to plan protests and other actions in the first week of March 2011 remembering all Palestinians murdered by Israeli Forces while struggling against the occupation of their land. In particular, we remember two youth murdered by the occupation; Medhi Abu Ayyesh, and Yousef Ikhlyal, both 17 years old and from the village of Beit Ommar. Mehdi was shot by Israeli Forces on March 4th, 2009. Mehdi remained brain-dead in a hospital until he succumbed to his injuries on October 12th later that year. Yousef was shot in the head by settlers on January 28th, 2011 while he was farming his family’s land and died the following morning.

Mehdi’s family and friends in Beit Ommar urge the world to commemorate his murder with renewed commitment to ending the occupation. Mehdi’s father states, “Against our oppression, our son was a light, a hero. His death is a constant reminder that we still do not have our freedom. Mehdi lives on in all of us as we work everywhere to end this unjust occupation.”

This year, during the week around March 4th, activists in several US cities will plan protests, creative actions and educational events remembering Mehdi, Yousef and the thousands of other Palestinians who have fallen in the struggle for freedom and self-determination. March is also a significant month for remembering the murder of US activist Rachel Corrie, the injury of Tristan Anderson with a high velocity-tear gas canister shot by Israeli Forces, and for marking Israeli Apartheid Week. Join us in making the month filled with resistanceand solidarity with the Palestinian people.

For Mehdi Abu Ayyesh. For Yousef Ikhlayl. For Jawaher and Baseem Abu Rahme. For Rachel Corrie and Fulkan Dogan. As the number murdered by the state of Israel continues to rise, our solidarity and steadfastness in struggle against occupation must become all the more confrontational and visible.

For more information, or for assistance in organizing an action in your community, please email us at

Yours in struggle,
Palestine Solidarity Project

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