‘Israel’s days of occupation numbered’

PressTV –  Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:30AM

Palestinians wave an Egyptian flag in jubilation after receiving the news of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s resignation.
As Egyptians rejoice at the ouster of their president, Tel Aviv worries a new government could jeopardize its 31-year-old peace treaty with Cairo and threaten its occupation of Palestinian land, a report says.

Israel is openly concerned that if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power, the 1979 Camp David treaty will be abolished and could also create an Egypt that is antithetical to Tel Aviv regime.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s fall from power has deprived Israel of its only reliable ally in the Middle East and has crystallized a debate among top Israeli officials over the Egyptian government’s reluctance to pursue peace with its adversaries, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel. Mubarak, for the past four years, helped Israel to impose a crippling siege on the occupied Palestinian territory, keeping Gaza’s 1.4 million population trapped in the sliver strip.

In a stern warning to Israel on February 3, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, Assam el-Erian, told Israel’s Channel 10 television that “Tel Aviv has nothing to fear but its own crimes.”

Another worry for Israel, according to analysts, is that with the downfall of Mubarak and his Vice President Omar Suleiman, the days of Israeli occupation in Palestinian territories are numbered.

Suleiman himself was in constant contact with Israeli leaders to maintain a quiet occupation of the country. That is why Palestinians, as well as some Israelis who opposed occupation, are celebrating with the Egyptian people.


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PressTV – ‘Israel’s days of occupation numbered’.

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