J’lem officials: The Egyptian uprising one of the finest revolutions in history

[ 12/02/2011 – 02:00 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Two Palestinian lawmakers and one former minister, who are threatened with expulsion from their occupied native city of Jerusalem, hailed the Egyptian people’s uprising as one of the most exalted revolutions known to mankind.

In a press release on Saturday, the three officials expressed hope that the Egyptian revolution would be a good omen for the Arab and Muslim nations, especially since Egypt has great importance in shaping the political map of the entire region.

The officials, who have been holding a tent vigil at the Red Cross headquarters for 227 days, urged Arab leaders to hasten to make radical reforms in their countries and respond to the demands of their peoples in order to avoid internal strife and bring back the lost pride and dignity to their nations.

The Islamic Jihad Movement also in a statement on Friday congratulated the Egyptian people for their success in removing Hosni Mubarak from power, expressing hope that this blessed revolution would be a good start on the road to overthrowing all Arab dictators and liberating Jerusalem and Palestine.

For his part, noted writer and political analyst Mustafa Assawaf said in a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC) yesterday that the Egyptian people’s victory against their tyrannical president was a defining moment for them and hundreds of millions of Arabs who thirst for freedom from the tyrannies of their regimes.

Assawaf added that the Egyptian people today are writing a new phase of their history and a new page of the region’s history after they managed to topple one of the biggest Arab tyrants.

J’lem officials: The Egyptian uprising one of the finest revolutions in history.

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