Palestinian scholars call on new Egyptian rulers to end Gaza siege

[ 12/02/2011 – 03:47 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian Scholars Association, which tackles national issues from a religious perspective, congratulated the Egyptians on their removal of “the tyranny and injustice of the former Egyptian regime” led by ousted president Hosni Mubarak, calling on the new government to make serious changes for the better.

”The scholars of Palestine followed over the past days the Egyptians’ revolution, with all its sectors of scientists, politicians, youth, women and elderly, with close attention, until Allah enabled Egypt’s people to oust the tyrannical, oppressive regime,” the Association said in a statement on Saturday.

The Association called upon the new authorities to look at the Gazans as brothers and end the unjust siege on the small coastal enclave, and re-open border crossings.

”Our enemy, the enemy of Egypt, and the enemy of the Arabs and Muslims and good people in the world is the Zionist enemy,” Saturday’s statement says.

In separate statements, Gaza’s Health Minister Bassem Naeem said during a meeting with the ministry’s pharmaceutical department that Arab and Muslim people are ”alive” and able to make change, saying the Egyptian revolution was partly thanks to the Gazans.

”No one can stop the people’s will. What happened in Egypt is live evidence of the beginning of winds of charge towards freedom,” he said.

Gaza with its steadfastness vis-à-vis the siege and aggression created strong motivation for the Tahrir Square protesters, he said, adding the Egyptian youth “managed to hit a nail in Israel’s coffin and light a candle of hope that shattered the darkness of long years of oppression”.

Palestinian scholars call on new Egyptian rulers to end Gaza siege.

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