Egyptians must reject US interference in their internal affairs

[ 12/02/2011 – 02:46 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh

Note: This article was written before Mubarak’s ouster

Under the pretext of encouraging democratic reforms in Egypt, the United States is trying hard to steer the Egyptian revolution in a different direction, one which would guarantee America’s imperialistic goals and Israel’s criminal interests, including Zionist regional supremacy and territorial aggrandizement at the expense of the Palestinian people.

In recent days, the tone of Washington’s daily reactions to the ongoing revolution against the US-backed tyranny of the Hosni-Mubarak regime has become increasingly reserved and undemocratic.

Many members of the US Congress warned about the “risk” of the Muslim Brotherhood sharing power in any post-Mubarak arrangements.

Some congressional leaders claimed rather mendaciously that the Islamists played a minimal role in the current revolution and that they shouldn’t be allowed to “hijack the movement toward democracy and freedom in Egypt.”

Well, we all know that Congress, with its two chambers, is decidedly controlled by Jewish circles and bankers so much so that one can state with little exaggeration that nearly all members of Congress and Senate are effectively political whores working for Israel and its political arm in the US, namely the AIPAC organization.

This means that true democracy in Egypt is the last thing that comes to the collective mind of Congress or Senate. After all, the US has always embraced dictatorships and tyrannies in all parts of the world, tyrannies like that of Hosni Mubarak that repressed, tormented, savaged and humiliated their own masses on behalf of America’s global imperialism.

Now, this arrogant global power, which itself is at Israel’s beck and call, would  like to decide and determine which political powers in Egypt will be included and which powers will be excluded from the new political process in the largest Arab country.

US officials would want us to believe  that US objections to the possible inclusion of the Muslim Brothers into the political process in Egypt are motivated by genuine  concerns for democracy. But this is a pornographic lie to say the very least as the US continues to be the world’s premier power that embraces, supports and maintains dictatorships around the world.

In the final analysis, America is the supporter, maintainer, bankroller, enabler, sustainer, abettor and guarantor of dictatorship and tyranny in the Arab world from Casablanca to Bahrain.

Hence, one wonders when America will display some reasonableness and prudence, and above all some honesty, and starts showing some respect for other peoples around the world, especially those long tormented thanks to America’s greed, rapacity and selfish policies around the world.

In the final analysis, it is an insult to 80 million Egyptians to tell them to outlaw the biggest and best organized political movement on no other account than this movement is opposed to Zio-Nazim and Israel’s genocidal designs against the Muslim peoples of the Middle East. Besides, since when did political powers in other countries have to obtain a certificate of good conduct from the Zio-Nazi leaders in both New York and Israel in order to be allowed to be involved in delivering their countries from the claws of tyranny and dictatorship?

One Israel firster, Howard Berman, was quoted as saying that “I am skeptical about the Muslim Brotherhood’s commitment to democracy.”

Well, skeptical or not, democracy in Egypt is none of Berman’s business. It is only the people of Egypt, not the people in Washington, who can determine the people who will sit in the seat of leadership in Cairo.

Berman is free to be at Israel’s beck and call, he is free to support and back Israel’s racist and genocidal policies in Occupied Palestine. He is even free to lend support to Nazi-minded Jewish settlers who adopt policies which are essentially similar to those adopted by the German Nazis several decades ago.

But he is not free to lecture the Egyptian people and the Turkish people and the Iranian people on the type of democracy they should have. In our Form of democracy, there is no room for benevolence toward Jewish Nazism, a venomous ideology which seems to have enslaved the political class in Washington.

Indeed, if democracy has to reflect the views of the people, it should be clear to all that our people reject Israel and all its racist policies and genocidal practices.  If Berman and his colleagues in Washington don’t like this fact, we can do very little to help them.

He may demand the severance of economic and military aid to Egypt. At the end of the day, Egypt’s dignity and national pride are more important than the billion and a half or two billion US dollars paid to a tyrannical regime in exchange for ceding the country’s sovereignty and independence.

In truth, the so-called American aid to Egypt has contributed to the exacerbation of poverty, deterioration of economical disequilibrium, and seriously compromised Egypt’s sovereignty, effectively making Egypt a satellite state orbiting around Israel.

This untenable situation must come to an end. The eighty million Egyptians are already fed up with their country’s subservience to Israel, the Jewish lobby in Washington as well as to a Congress that is a little more than a poodle dog groveling before the feet of self-absorbed and self-worshiping Jewish billionaires.

Another point. At a time when US officials voice their concerns about the possible inclusion of Islamists in the post-Mubarak government in Egypt, we notice a total silence in the United States vis-à-vis the participation in the Israeli government of manifestly fascist parties, including Talmudic religious parties, which condemn the rest of mankind as a matter of principle.

For example, Israel’s Interior Minister Eli Yeshai is affiliated with a manifestly racist and anti-democratic religious party called Shas whose ultimate leader and spiritual mentor Ovadia Yosef views all non-Jews, presumably including members of Congress and Senate as merely animals of burden or donkeys that, he said, were created by the Almighty solely in order to serve Jews.

So, for God’s sake, we would like to know why it is perfectly legitimate for Shas and other manifestly fascist and anti-democratic parties to take part in government in Israel while it is always objectionable to have Islamists, who would never hold blatant views even remotely similar to those held by these fascist Jewish parties, to participate in governments in Muslim countries.

Where is the honesty? Where is the rectitude? Where is the moral consistency?

The truth of the matter, however, is that America’s objections about the Muslim Brotherhood, which has borne the brunt of the Mubarak regime’s 30 years of repression and wanton lawlessness, have nothing to do with honesty, rectitude and moral consistency, and have every thing to do with safeguarding Israel’s interests, especially making sure that the next government in Cairo doesn’t interfere with the genocidal treatment meted out to the Palestinian people at the hands of the  Zionist regime.

Isn’t this the real secret behind America’s fears of the Muslim Brothers?

Egyptians must reject US interference in their internal affairs.

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