Silwan’s Captive Children – When home is jail

Silwan’s Captive Children .. When home is jail


Al Qassam website/Agencies – Seventeen children currently live under house arrest in the besieged neighborhood of Silwan in Jerusalem. Combined with a fierce campaign from Jewish extremists and armed Israeli forces, these young men are routinely arrested, beaten and interrogated.

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showaib Qutayobeh, 15, on his 45th day of house arrest

“They have been subject to a severe system of Israeli police and security forces,” said Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of The Palestinian National Initiative. “They cannot go to school. They cannot finish or continue their education. The Israelis keep them in their homes.”

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With Al Aqsa’s dome behind him, 18-year old Mohammad Razem stands on his porch, permitted under terms of his, for now, seven-month long house arrest.

As part of a comprehensive program of state-sponsored terror, these children are targeted because they live in a neighborhood coveted by Jewish extremists who believe it to be the Biblical City of David – not the home of nearly 45,000 people. Silwan’s people have survived paramilitary actions, policy discrimination, and repeated Israeli army incursions.

“The Israelis want to break down the resistance, they want to take over the area, they want to Judaize it,” Barghouthi said after visiting some of these children under house arrest.

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Fifteen-year old Sharif Rajabi holding a document giving him permission to leave his home to attend school – an essential and common item for Silwan’s youth.
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Father of seven boys, Ziyyad Rajabi standing on his roof in front of an apartment seized by settlers in Silwan.

Silwan’s Captive Children .. When home is jail – Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades.

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