Statistics: Israel arrested 300 Palestinians in January including 30 minors

[ 13/02/2011 – 06:52 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Statistics released Sunday by the prisoner affairs ministry in Gaza reveal Israel arrested around 300 Palestinians in January during arrest campaigns sweeping the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

That includes 30 minors and two elected Palestinian representatives, the report says, naming MPs Omar Abdul-Raziq and Mohammed Jamal al-Natshe from the parliament’s Change and Reform bloc.

The occupation forces arrested nine fishermen working off the Gaza coast in seperate incidents the same month, the report adds.

It also records over 90 Israeli court rulings to extend the periods of administrative detention of more than 90 Palestinian men held without charge or trial and to place others working inside 1948-occupied territories without permits in administrative detention, citing existence of secret files against them.

That month, Israeli intelligence teamed with the Eishel prison administration in an attempted assassinate a prisoner, according to confessions by the agent who slipped a toxic pill into the drink of prisoner Haitham Izzat Salihiyya who is serving a life sentence. The victim’s health had since deteriorated. Accounts say the prison later bargained to treat him for his silence over the scandal.

The report adds that during that month sanctions were taken against around 160 Palestinians held in the Nafha prison after a hunger strike that carried on for days amid protests against harsh conditions. The protesters were reportedly fined, banned from visits and transferred to isolation for a week as authorities responded.

Statistics: Israel arrested 300 Palestinians in January including 30 minors.

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