Abu Zuhri: Shaath statement on Egyptian document worthless

[ 15/02/2011 – 11:39 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, has said that the statement of Nabil Shaath, a Fatah central committee member, on his faction’s approval of the Hamas reservations on the Egyptian paper was “meaningless and worthless”.

Abu Zuhri said in a press release on Monday that Shaath’s statement did not reflect the truth because it contradicted what happened in the last Damascus meeting between Hamas and Fatah when his faction retracted on previous agreements and refused to introduce amendments on the security issues.

He said that the statement also runs contrary to Fatah MP Azzam Al-Ahmed’s declaration that the Egyptian document was no longer existent.

The Hamas spokesman said that Shaath was trying to mix up cards to cover for his faction’s preemptive steps such as calling for elections and forming a one-sided new government.

via Abu Zuhri: Shaath statement on Egyptian document worthless.

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