Attaher: Mubarak’s downfall dealt a blow to the peace option

[ 14/02/2011 – 09:30 AM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Senior official of the popular front for the liberation of Palestine Maher Attaher said that the downfall of Hosni Mubarak and his regime dealt a decisive blow to the option of a peaceful settlement between Arabs and the Zionist entity.

“There is no doubt that the removal of Mubarak from power will have profound impacts on the Palestinian cause and the Arab situation in general because Egypt has heavy weight,” Attaher stressed in a press statement to Quds Press.

“The results will be definitely positive because the former regime was an agent for America in the region, an ally of Israel, and a contributor to Gaza siege,” he added.

In the same context, Palestinian political analysts opined in press statements to the Palestinian information center (PIC) that the blockade imposed on Gaza would start to disintegrate after the downfall of Mubarak’s regime.

Professor at Al-Azhar university in Gaza As’ad Abu Sharkh expressed his belief that the departure of the former regime from the political arena in Egypt would have a positive impact on the Strip, especially since the January 25 revolutionists had demanded during their protests an end to Gaza siege.

Abu Sharkh noted that the Gaza siege cannot be broken immediately, but it needs internal arrangements inside Egypt.

For his part, analyst Hani Al-Basous told the PIC that the ousted regime in Egypt was one of the most intransigent and tyrannical regimes, especially with regard to its relations with Gaza, but after it was removed, it would be natural to see a new regime helping Gaza people.

Basous, however, pointed out that it is likely that Gaza siege will end through the new regime to be formed in Egypt, but this will take some time before it happens.

Attaher: Mubarak’s downfall dealt a blow to the peace option.

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