Hamas: All governments formed by Fatah “unconstitutional”

[ 15/02/2011 – 03:49 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Hamas Movement said that the successive governments that were formed by Fatah faction in the West Bank headed by Salam Fayyad and any new cabinet are unconstitutional and part of the coup against the true representatives of the Palestinian people.

In a press release on Tuesday, Hamas stressed its belief in the elections as a means for the peaceful transfer of power, but it considered the call for elections by the Palestinian authority and its liberation organization known as PLO “illegal” because it was made by illegitimate institutions.

It added that the intended elections to be held in the West Bank and the new de facto government to be formed by Fayyad are attempts to escape the successive changes taking place in the region and the security and political scandals exposed recently by Al-Jazeera satellite channel.

The Movement also affirmed its belief that the new moves made by the PA and the PLO were aimed at making de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and his authority appear before the Palestinian and international public opinion as unaffected by the regional developments and Al-Jazeera leaks, and still taking initiatives.

Hamas: All governments formed by Fatah “unconstitutional”.

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