Islamic Jihad: PA compensation for settler lives confers legitimacy to Israel

[ 15/02/2011 – 04:26 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Senior Islamic Jihad official Khadir Habib described the Palestinian Authority’s court settlement to pay compensation for the death’s of two Jewish settlers as a ”stab in the back of the struggle and national liberation” waged by the Palestinians defending their lives and land.

The PA settled in court to compensate the families of two Jewish settlers killed in resistance operations.

The move came at a turbulent time for the PA, which lost popularity after leaked documents revealed it had offered concessions to the occupying entity of Israel on unprecedented amounts of land and on Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

At a time when demands for government reforms sent shockwaves across the Arab world, PA officials made decisions for presidential elections and had its cabinet of ministers resign, in a bid to win back credibility.

But reality resurfaced Tuesday when the PA agreed to compensate for the deaths of illegal settlers killed by resistance forces fifteen years ago.

”[The move] was a shameful scandal and a huge offense and criminalizes the lawful resistance in the face of the occupation and its crimes,” Habib said Tuesday.

He also emphasized the need for ”a solution to the PA”, saying it is has made continued concessions to Israel and perpetuated the Palestinian political split though its political and security commitments.

”The split is reinforced by the PA’s agendas, programs and policies that conflict with national objectives set out for by Palestinian forces and factions,” he said. ”These policies are also unacceptable to the people, so an authority that does not reflect the people’s aspirations and dreams may not stay.”

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad Movement tried to call the cards in the PA cabinet resignation.

”The changes that happened in Fayyad’s government are only a formality and are changes in the names and ministries, and is not a real change aimed at reform,” said another Islamic Jihad leader Dawud Shehab.

”The authority in Ramallah is very concerned over its fate after it lost its greatest supporting political ally with the downfall of the Hosni Mubarak regime. And it is trying varied means to circumvent real reform,” Shehab said.

He called on the PA to kick off talks with Hamas and other Palestinian factions and agree to a national program to cope with the Israeli occupation and threats to the Palestinian cause ”rather than attempts to circumvent national reconciliation and dialogue.”

Islamic Jihad: PA compensation for settler lives confers legitimacy to Israel.

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