Israel behind virtual reality website that Judaizes Jerusalem

[ 15/02/2011 – 02:57 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israel has worked out a plan to promote tourism in Jerusalem with a false Jewish vision, the Muslim-Christian Association in Palestine said Tuesday.

”The occupational mayor has started a website about Jerusalem meant to offer services and incentives for tourists and ensure free tours of the Old City,” the associations secretary-general Mohammed Khater said. ”That is through virtual reality technology that would aid in forging the reality of Jerusalem and the holy sites.”

He added that the project is set to increase the number of tourists from three million in 2010 to ten million in 2020.

”[Israeli] authorities tend strongly to invest communication technologies and contemporary media to promote lies and claims about Jerusalem and the holy lands,” Khater said.

”Israel is trying to create fear and concern among international tourists because of current events in the Arab world and guide them towards Jerusalem on grounds that the occupational state is the safe and stable oasis in the region.”

Israel behind virtual reality website that Judaizes Jerusalem.

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