Report: Israel revoked residence of 191 Jerusalemites in 2010

[ 14/02/2011 – 03:08 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– A report released Sunday reveals the Israeli Interior Ministry revoked the residence of 191 Palestinians in Jerusalem in 2010.

Millions of Palestinians have been displaced and made refugees since the onset of Israel’s occupation.

The information was gleaned by the research department of the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights according to official data obtained from the Israeli Ministry of Interior after a request submitted by the former.

According to the ministry’s response, only 67 ID cards were returned.

It goes on to say that out of 841 petitions for residence filed by West Bank citizens married to women in Jerusalem, only 31 were approved against 364 that have so far been rejected.

A separate report released the same day by the ministry of religious affairs in Gaza was aimed at recapping Israel’s displacement efforts in Jerusalem this week.

Hassam Rawaida died this week after he was stabbed in the hand by extremist Jewish settlers in west Jerusalem, the ministry’s Jerusalem committee reported.

Authorities issued an injunction order to seize land and several structures including shops and a mosque in central Jerusalem to pave the way for new settlement projects at a time when leading West Bank rabbi Dov Lior made provocative calls for preparations to erect the alleged temple of King Solomon over the Aqsa Mosque.

The Jerusalem planning committee approved a plan the same week to build 200 homes for Jews meaning to settle in the city’s majorly Arab Sheikh Jarrah district, with plans up in the air for 350 more in the same community and others to build a Jewish school, synagogue and five-storey shopping center funded by settlement associations interested in enhancing Jewish presence in Palestinian neighborhoods, especially Sheikh Jarrah.

Separately, the report also revealed Israeli authorities were involved in an outbreak of drug use and family discord among Palestinian families.

Report: Israel revoked residence of 191 Jerusalemites in 2010.

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