Israeli bulldozers dig past court orders in East Jerusalem

[ 15/02/2011 – 08:23 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Israeli Magistrate Court could not hamper bulldozers headed Tuesday for the estate of the Abu Taa’ah family in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah district.

The UN has mapped East Jerusalem for the Palestinians and considers Jewish settlement activity there illegal.

”When I arrived at the property I was stunned by Israeli vehicles excavating it and transporting the dirt in large trucks,” said property owner Nasser Khalil Abu Taa’ah. They had already concealed the land’s features and the remains of trees and ruins of a room demolished four months ago.”

Israel had confiscated the entire 33 Dunums of land (1 Dunum= 1000 square meters) leaving only one Dunum to other inheritors.

The family’s conflict began with Israel in 1978. The Magistrate Court had issued several decisions entitling Abu Taa’ah to the land.

He has appointed his lawyer to push for an injunction order to halt the excavation.

Meanwhile, Israeli media announced the entity has plans to relocate three of its military colleges in the northern Palestinian Al-Jalil area to East Jerusalem.

After the move, around 1,400 Israeli soldiers will be permanently stationed at the new sites planned to stretch over 30,000 sq. meters on the Scopus mountain in East Jerusalem, the Israeli Ynet journal reported.

The move will expected to raise disputes between the Palestinians on one side and Jordan and the UN on the other.

Israeli bulldozers dig past court orders in East Jerusalem.

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