This image, ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff says all that this post is about…. a Tribute  to Om Kamel

Throughout history mankind’s existence has been threatened by various plagues, usually in the form of infectious diseases. Modern times call for modern threats, not necessarily of the viral type, but as uber nationalism, zionism in particular.

One of the smallest countries in the world, almost minut to the naked eye on maps, yet one of the deadliest threats today, Israel has earned that ‘honour among thieves’. But unlike threats of the past, nothing is being done about it. Instead, we see the West infusing it with means to go on spreading its destruction rather than attempting to halt it. We see billions of dollars pumped into its coffers, we see blind eyes overlooking the innocent victims it has claimed.

Billions of dollars and years of research went into fighting diseases of the past, polio, tuberculosis, rubella, the list continues to grow with the ongoing fight against AIDS and other present day ills, but what about zionism? Why isn’t it recognised as a life threatening disease as well? According to THIS definition, zionism should be classified as a disease.

As with other life threatening elements, rather than encourage its spread, it must be isolated, it must be boycotted. It must be brought down to its knees till it begs for forgiveness for the destruction it has been responsible for over the past 62 years.

Instead, we see the ‘doctors’ in the West pumping the blood of the taxpayers to use as transfusions to keep the patient alive. We see themselves ‘medicating’ the system by removing all obstacles, either by legeslation or murder, whichever applies to a given situation. We saw these same techniques used during the dark periods in American history, techniques that were the beginning of the end of the Democratic nature of the country.

A ‘Kevorkian’ is what is needed to finally help put an end to this very sick patient before it is allowed to spread itself beyond the borders it already stole.

In the meantime it remains the ‘Only THREAT‘ to Democracy in the Middle East’.

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