Bahr: Holding elections before ending the division impossible

[ 17/02/2011 – 08:25 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– First deputy speaker of the Palestinian legislative council Dr. Ahmed Bahr said that the holding of local, parliamentary and presidential elections in the absence of national unity is impossible.

Dr. Bahr stressing that the re-formation of a new de facto government for Salam Fayyad was nothing more than a desperate attempt to absorb the West Bankers’ anger.

“Free, democratic and fair elections cannot be held before the achievement of the national reconciliation on condition of preserving the Palestinian people’s rights, constants and higher interests,” the PLC deputy speaker underlined in a news conference on Wednesday.

He also noted that Mahmoud Abbas’s term office had expired in the January of 2009, so he is constitutionally not entitled to call for any elections.

“The authority in Ramallah should realize that the holding of presidential and legislative elections requires a presidential edict issued by a ‘constitutional’ president of the Palestinian authority in accordance with the basic law and the law on general elections,” the lawmaker said.

The lawmaker added that before holding elections, the PA should lift its restrictions on public freedoms and rights, especially freedom of opinion and the right of participation in the political life.

In the same context, senior Islamic Jihad official Mohamed Al-Hindi also echoed the same opinion that the holding of legislative and presidential elections in the presence of internal division can be impossible.

Hindi in a cultural symposium held yesterday in Gaza called for finding a united national authority able to end the division and create a right political landscape.

“Fatah authority should learn the lesson and make calculations especially after the leaked documents of Al-Jazeera satellite channel, and not have a position more miserable and confused,” the Islamic Jihad official noted.

Bahr: Holding elections before ending the division impossible.

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