Besieged Gaza celebrates International Childhood Cancer Day

[ 16/02/2011 – 05:16 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Children in the developed world have a high chance of beating cancer, but on International Childhood Cancer Day on February 15, Gazan children are reminded of an inhumane medical crisis in the strip.

Younger cancer patients sat in at the Dr. Abdul-Azeez al-Rantisi Hospital in Gaza to mark the annual cancer awareness day.

The children gave statements calling on human rights organizations to direct attention to Gaza’s cancer patients who the unjust Israeli siege has deprived of required treatment.

The world can save the life of a cat, but does not move to the voices of Gaza’s children, the demonstrators said.

The strip’s health sector has undergone a sharp drop in cancer medicines, posing a serious threat to lives, the Health Ministry in Gaza said, with 62 new cases of child cancer each year, almost a third of those being leukemia.

”Perhaps what deepens the suffering of these children with cancer is that the Ramallah authority has been withholding the Gaza Strip’s share of medicines and medical consumables used to threat them, despite ongoing intermediaries to stop the involvement of political harassment in the health sector,” the health ministry said.

”What reaches is the recovery process and only enough to eject the crisis, and does not cover the requirements necessary to end their suffering,” it said.

Besieged Gaza celebrates International Childhood Cancer Day.

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