Ex-detainees: Prisoners in PA jails held in grave-like cells

[ 16/02/2011 – 12:01 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– A number of Palestinian ex-detainees released from West Bank jails said that the Palestinian authority security militias lock up prisoners in very small cells like “graves.”

The ex-detainees added on a condition of anonymity that the cells in terms of size, structure and lighting are like coffins or refrigerators because of the extreme cold.

They noted the lack of windows and ventilation inside these cells caused many prisoners to suffer respiratory problems and asthma, affirming that the PA officers and interrogators do not hesitate to break the law and commit violations against human rights.

In a separate incident, a large number of PA armed militia men stormed and ransacked on Tuesday shops belonging to a Palestinian citizen called Ahmed Al-Yateem south of Al-Khalil and kidnapped him.

Local sources said that the militia men broke into the house of Yateem as well as the homes of his brothers, and wreaked havoc on his house before confiscating about 150, 000 dinars and all account books of his commercial activities.

Other local sources on Wednesday reported that the PA militias kidnapped eight Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas Movement, including a journalist, in the cities of Nablus and Al-Khalil.

Eyewitnesses told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that a number of top Israeli intelligence officers on the morning of the same day arrived at the PA intelligence headquarters in Al-Khalil city.

They added that Israeli intelligence cars parked outside the headquarters without being guarded by security men.

Ex-detainees: Prisoners in PA jails held in grave-like cells.

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