Gates of Jerusalem: A journey through 13 checkpoints

There are roughly 22 checkpoints in and around Jerusalem. They mostly run along the municipal boundaries of the city and in some places go deeper into the West Bank, along the route of the barrier. I went to visit and document 13 of them:

1. Walajeh Checkpoint. 9:48AM

2. Checkpoint 300 (Bethlehem/Rachel’s Tomb). 10:32AM

3. Nu’man Checkpoint (Mazmoriya). 10:52AM

4. Sheikh Saad Checkpoint. 11:28AM

5. Sawahira Asharaqiya Checkpoint. 11:52AM

6. Abu Dis Checkpoint. 12:23PM

7. Abu Dis Checkpoint (sealed off,inactive). 12:41PM

8. Zeitim Checkpoint (Al-Tur). 12:56PM

9. A-Za’ayyem Checkpoint. 13:04PM

10. Shuafat Refugee Camp Checkpoint. 13:14PM

11. Ras Hamis Checkpoint. 13:27PM

12. Qalandiya Checkpoint. 13:41PM

13. Al Jib Checkpoint. 13:58

Gates of Jerusalem: A journey through 13 checkpoints.

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