Jihad urges Abbas to give up the “peace process”

[ 20/02/2011 – 09:28 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Islamic Jihad has lashed out at the US for using its veto power to block a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israel for building settlements in occupied Palestinian land.

Khaled Al-Batesh, a Jihad leader, said in a press release on Saturday that the veto was a slap in the face of those who wagered on the “peace process”, proving their failure in wagering on a political solution with the “Zionist entity”.

He urged the Fatah-controlled PA in Ramallah led by de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to give up the “peace process”.

The US step displayed its absolute bias in favor of Israel, Batesh said, charging that it proved the US was an accomplice in all Israeli crimes and aggressions.

The Jihad leader said that the US veto also reflected American arrogance and Washington’s denial of the Palestinians’ legitimate rights.

Jihad urges Abbas to give up the “peace process”.

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