Mishaal: Hamas has new initiatives in store

[ 19/02/2011 – 06:26 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas politburo chief Khalid Mishaal said his party has in store new initiatives relating to developments in Palestine after consulting with Palestinian factions.

The announcement comes after the US used its power of veto to strike down a resolution put to the UN Security Council that would have condemned Israeli settlement activity in East Jerusalem and the West Bank as illegal.

“In upcoming days we have a word we will say, an act we will do, and initiatives we will launch,” Mishaal said to mark the opening of the Zahr Hanoun center for women and Palestinian heritage in the Damascus Yarmouk refugee camp.

“I need not say more than that these developments and changes around us with the curse of failure and standstill we have tasted and what Palestine suffers on all levels, we are forced to review the situation in Palestine beyond the headlines that some are trying to drown us in,” he added.

“The depth of the crisis made in recent years at the hands of people who have chosen a crooked path in light of Zionist arrogance and what it is doing to our land, and in light of American bias, we must make a radical review of all the issues and details of the situation in Palestine.”

“We in Hamas and the resistance factions and many of the respected Palestinian officials are keeping that in mind and will discuss our options. All of that will soon be before our people, who alone possess the cause, the legitimacy, the decision and the choice.”

Separately, Mishaal expressed Hamas’s joy over the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, saying they roused a spirit in Palestine and embodied the will of the people.

“We are happy Egypt returned to its natural state. The [Muslims] yearn for an Egypt that knows its affiliation, its allies, its duty, its enemies and knows who conspires against [it]. Change happened in Egypt and I wish it reaches its full objectives to be enjoyed by the people of Egypt, Gaza and Palestine, so Egypt will become on the side of its sister states in the region.”

Speaking before hundreds at the Zahr Hanoun women’s and heritage center opening ceremony, Mishaal said: ”Heritage is not far from the battle. He who has no heritage has no present and no future.”

“Our struggle is over the land, man, holy places, decision, independence, sovereignty, culture, history, identity and symbols; and Israel wants to steal our heritage like it stole our land,” Mishaal said.

Mishaal: Hamas has new initiatives in store.

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