Palestinians jailed in Egypt announce hunger strike demanding freedom

[ 19/02/2011 – 06:20 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinians held in a prison in Egypt announced Saturday they will go on hunger strike after hopes for freedom under the new hold of power were crushed.

All of the 19 Palestinians detained at the Al-Aqrab Prison in Hilwan (Greater Cairo) kicked off a hunger strike on Saturday amid demands for improved conditions at the facility and their freedom as ruled by the courts, the coalition of families of Palestinian detainees in Egyptian prisons said.

The Palestinian detainees in the Aqrab Prison have rejected breakfast and lunch and are determined to continue the strike until their demands are met, Emad al-Sayyid, the coalition’s spokesman told Quds Press.

“[The coalition] has followed developments in Egypt and was very hopeful at the January 25 revolution which removed the unjust regime that tortured our children and expected they would be released in light of statements issued by the military council when the new phase in Egypt began,” Sayyid said.

“But we were surprised that our children were arrested by the army after they left the prison and were tortured another time…and held in isolation cells filled with filth and bugs and have refused them permission to bathe or change clothing since January 29, which has caused a number of skin diseases and refused to transfer the ill ones among them to the hospital.”

The coalition called on rights groups to defend the detained Palestinians and called for efforts to have the Palestinians detained in Egyptian jails released.

Eight of 39 total Palestinians jailed in Egypt have managed to reach the Gaza Strip after the revolution broke out. The courts have ruled for the release of most of those detainees.

Palestinians jailed in Egypt announce hunger strike demanding freedom.

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