Political science professor: Abbas and his entourage must leave

[ 19/02/2011 – 07:57 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Dr. Abdul-Sattar Qasem, a professor of political sciences at the Al-Najah National University, called on Palestinian de facto president Mahmoud Abbas to step down from office, describing steps Abbas has taken to thwart West Bank settlement activity as ”worthless”.

“There is an attempt to disparage the people’s minds, ” Qasem told the PIC in an interview on Friday night. ”What is the value of a resolution from the United Nations regarding the illegality of settlement activity when there are already many resolutions stating settlement activity is illegal and not consistent with international law?”

Abbas has gone before the UN Security Council to pass a resolution condemning settlement activity, a move the US used its veto to thwart.

“Whether they go or do not go [before the UN] … nothing will change, and settlement activity will not be stopped,” Qasem said, adding that the PA has nothing left in its power.

An attention turner
Discussing marches Fatah called for Friday night in support of Abbas’s position, Qasem said: ”This is something trivial. Why are they gathering staff and security men and rallying them in marches similar to what Arab regimes that are beginning to fail have used to do?”

He said the move was designed to ”divert the attention” of movements in the Palestinian street which has rejected the concessions made by Abbas and Palestinian negotiators.

They must go
Qasem shed light on what is expected of the Palestinian Authority in coping with the current wave of change sweeping the region. ”What is required is that he (Abbas) leaves us along with his group. It is enough what they have engaged in throughout 23 years (in leadership).”

This is the demand of the general public throughout occupied Palestinian land especially the West Bank, he said. ”The Ramallah authority has insulted our people and made us a laughing stock and has caused havoc in the land and renounced our people’s rights and committed many acts our people are not pleased with.”

Political science professor: Abbas and his entourage must leave.

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