Report: 32 Children Arrested by Israeli troops in February

17.02.11 – 13:42| PNN – Palestine News Network

Ramallah – PNN – The Palestinian Ministry of Information issued a report on Thursday stating that Israeli troops arrested 32 Palestinian children from the West Bank and East Jerusalem in the first two week of February.


Israeli soldiers abusing Palestinian detainee – Archive

The report noted that 320 children remain in Israeli military detention, facing torture and blackmail by Israeli interrogators.

The Ministry of Information added that Israeli military courts had extended that detainment of many of the children, and that 75 chgildren from East Jerusalem were put under home arrests.

Furthermore the report shows that 15 children were injured by settler attacks in the West Bank in the first two weeks of February.

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PNN – Palestine News Network – Report: 32 Children Arrested by Israeli troops in February.

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