Sandstorms double prisoners suffering in Negev jail

[ 17/02/2011 – 08:11 AM ]


THE NEGEV, (PIC)– Palestinian prisoners in the Negev desert jail have complained of ramifications of sandstorms on them especially those suffering from asthma and allergy.

The prisoners spoke to the prisoners center for studies on Wednesday saying that the Negev jail contained nine tent sections, which are threatened with destruction in the event dust storms and winds continued to blow.

They said that sand had covered their personal belongings, adding that those suffering from respiratory problems were the most affected by the winds and sandstorms.

Director of the center Ra’fat Hamdona said that relatives of those prisoners are concerned about their next of kin especially those deprived of visits.

He said that Gaza prisoners have been deprived of family visits for the past four years and are not allowed to send them clothes, shoes, and other needs.

Sandstorms double prisoners suffering in Negev jail.

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