Ten citizens suffer breathing difficulties in clashes with IOF soldiers

[ 20/02/2011 – 10:55 AM ]


TUL:AREM, (PIC)– Ten Palestinian citizens suffered breathing problems in Deir Al-Ghusun village, north of Tulkarem city, when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired at them teargas canisters.

Witnesses reported that clashes broke out on Saturday after the IOF soldiers attacked an anti wall march in the village using rubber bullets and teargas bombs.

Participants chanted anti settlement and anti wall slogans and called for restoring national unity. They also expressed outrage at the US veto against a UN Security Council decision condemning Israeli settlement activity in the occupied West Bank.

Meanwhile, a number of villagers in Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, were injured when the IOF troops violently quelled the village’s weekly anti wall march on Saturday.

Medical sources said that the soldiers fired gas and sonic bombs at the demonstrators wounding the head of the village’s municipal council in his left leg with shrapnel of a stun grenade.

They said that a child was hit with rubber bullets in his foot and hand while many others were treated for breathing problems.

Ten citizens suffer breathing difficulties in clashes with IOF soldiers.

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