IOF troops arrest data center manager, Khalil notable

[ 21/02/2011 – 05:37 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Wadi Hilwa data center in Silwan town in occupied Jerusalem on Monday evening and arrested its manager Jawad Siyam.

Local sources said that Siyam, who was under house arrest, was taken to the Maskobeh detention center.

The center said in a press release that Siyam was allowed to go to work twice a day according to the magistrate’s court ruling once in the morning and another in the afternoon.

It noted that a settler took a shot of Siyam while on his way from home to work in western Jerusalem and less than an hour later the IOF troops stormed his home in the village searching for him.

The troops burst into his workplace in the afternoon and picked him up from there as another settler took another shot of him, it said.

Meanwhile, IOF soldiers detained Sheikh Mohammed Al-Ja’bari, 52, one of Al-Khalil notables in a pre dawn raid on Monday, his relatives said.

They added that an IOF unit along with intelligence officers broke into the house and took away the Sheikh. They noted that a couple of days earlier Ja’bari was summoned to the PA intelligence where he was questioned about supporting Hamas and carrying sums of money for the movement.

He was allowed to return to his home to take a medication for his kidney but an intelligence officer called him and told him there was no need for his return. A few hours later the Israeli forces arrived and an officer told him, “Did you bring your kidney medicine? You are under arrest”.

The family said that the way Ja’bari was arrested clearly pointed to the security coordination between the PA in Ramallah and the IOF.

IOF troops arrest data center manager, Khalil notable.

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