Israel lures Gaza man offering medical treatment

[ 22/02/2011 – 10:21 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Rights groups in Palestine say Israel exploited a Gaza woman’s sickness to capture her brother.

In a joint statement, the doctors’ league for human rights, and the Meezan, and Justice rights groups said Mohammed Moussa Mohammed Zaarab, 28, of Rafah was arrested while taking his sister Hanan, 43, to be treated for cancer and neuritis beyond Gaza borders.

Hanan, who was being treated at the European Hospital in Gaza, was urgently referred to another facility in 1948-occupied Palestine and had received entry permits for her and her brother in November of last year.

Authorities had cleared entry of a Palestinian ambulance transporting them through the Beit Hanoun (Erez) border crossing, where she was transferred to an Israeli ambulance that brought her the rest of the way. But her brother Mohammed was arrested and taken to the Ashkelon prison.

The statement accuses Israeli forces of using medical needs to lure Gazans for arrest, recruitment or to get information.

According to a Monday statement by Gaza prisoner affairs minister Mohammed Faraj al-Ghoul, Israel has detained some 7,000 Palestinians and Arabs in prisons, including 36 women, and 300 children. 700 of them are from the Gaza Strip, and 200 are held under administrative detention without charges.

The statements published in the government Al-Ra’y magazine say 1,500 detainees have been diagnosed with untreated diseases.

Israel lures Gaza man offering medical treatment.

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