PFLP refuses participation in Fayyad’s new gov’t

[ 21/02/2011 – 03:06 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The popular front for the liberation of Palestine (PFLP) said it declined an offer made by Salam Fayyad, the head of the de facto government in the West Bank, urging it to participate in his new cabinet.

This came in a press release issued following a meeting between deputy secretary-general of the PFLP Abdulrahim Mallouh and Fayyad.

The PFLP added that Mallouh demanded Fayyad to end all his government’s political, economic and security ties with the Israeli occupation first before making such overture.

“This government must keep away completely from the political action and negotiations and focus on running the internal affairs,” the PFLP said in its statement.

Salam Fayyad had submitted the resignation of his former de facto government to Mahmoud Abbas after the Egyptian revolution culminated in success.

Fayyad’s former government had not gained the confidence of the Palestinian legislative council (PLC) and his next one is expected not to receive constitutional approval either.

In another context, secretary-general of the PFLP Ahmed Saadat, who is a prisoner in Israeli jails, said that the statement issued by the Palestinian liberation organization’s executive committee about the popular revolution in Egypt was disappointing and disregarded the changes taking place in the Arab world.

Saadat stated in a letter leaked from his cell that the Egyptian revolution broke the chains of economic and political dependency on the imperialist globalization and would restore Egypt’s historical and cultural role as a leading incubator of the movement of national and democratic liberation in the Arab world.

PFLP refuses participation in Fayyad’s new gov’t.

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