Police raid Information Center director Jawad Siyam’s home

Monday, 21 February, 2011 | 16:46

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) — Israeli police stormed Wadi Hilweh Information Center director Jawad Siyam’s home this morning, 21 February at 10am. The raid was undertaken, police claimed, to ensure that Siyam is complying with conditions of his current house arrest sentence, which he is serving at his home and the Information Center. Officers withdrew from the house after inspecting it and acknowledging that Siyam was in fact not there. According to the conditions of his sentence, Siyam is permitted to leave his home only in the mornings to attend work at the Center.

Undercover police and Israeli settlers living in Silwan were observed by family and neighbors in the vicinity of Siyam’s residence this morning. Eyewitnesses, some of whom were also able to photograph police and settlers, commented that “they are clearly trying to aggravate Siyam and his family in the lead up to his next court appearance.”

Siyam’s hearing in the Israeli Magistrates Court tomorrow will determine whether to lift or extend Siyam’s house arrest sentence. Numerous lawyers and human rights activists have denounced the sentence as unjust and unfounded, based on evidence that has not been verified by investigators. Siyam faces the charge of assaulting a Palestinian resident of Silwan, an accusation that is unsubstantiated and has in fact thus far been “supported” by grossly contradictory evidence. Charges were laid against Siyam when he was arrested during a raid on the Center on 4 January 2011 and detained for a period of 3 days. He was then sentenced to house arrest.
Settlers of Silwan play an integral role in the campaign against Siyam, publishing an editorial in Israeli newspaper Maariv today attacking him personally and concocting further charges against him. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center, on behalf of its employees, denounces the article as an unjustifiably provocative and slanderous attack against its director, aimed only at exacerbating pressure on those who seek to expose Israeli violations of Palestinian rights in Jerusalem.

Police raid Information Center director Jawad Siyam’s home « Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem.

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