Israeli Bulldozers Clear Land Near Bethlehem, Destroy 230 Olive Trees

22.02.11 – 15:27

Bethlehem – PNN – On Tuesday, Israeli army bulldozers cleared land near Jub’a village south of Bethlehem, uprooting and confiscating hundreds of olive trees and taking them to an unknown location.


Israeli bulldozers clear Palestinian land (PNN Archive).








Awad Abu Sawi, Wall and Settlements Coordinator in the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture, said that the land in question belonged to the Abu Latifeh family. In the operation, more than 230 trees were destroyed, 100 belonging to Azzat Abu Latifeh and 130 belonging to his brother Abdullatif.

Abu Sawi said that Israeli trucks departed to an unknown location with the uprooted trees. He said that similar operations had been going on in the region, with 40 trees bulldozed in the area around the village of Mishmas. Journalists were prohibited from traveling to the region in question.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Israeli Bulldozers Clear Land Near Bethlehem, Destroy 230 Olive Trees.

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